Sergeant Cleese is a warrior trainer first encountered by worgen players at the Military District[64.9, 71]
and Greymane Court[32.4, 74.6]
in Gilneas City. He can later be found at Duskhaven[36.38, 65.2]
and other various locations in Gilneas and finally at the Howling Oak[47.6, 15.6]
in Darnassus.

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Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Sergeant Cleese was among those that followed King Genn Greymane to put an end to the Northgate Rebellion which nearly led to a civil war. However, when a strange curse appeared through the land and turned nearly all of the Gilnean inhabitants into feral worgen, Sergeant Cleese was stationed at Gilneas City where he assisted his king and Prince Liam Greymane in trying to drive the attackers out and buy enough time for the human survivors to flee and take refuge at Duskhaven. Cleese fought against several worgen in the Military District and later fled with the survivors while Krennan Aranas managed to use the cure on every worgen that were captured.

While remaining at Duskhaven, Sergeant Cleese served as trainer to train new recruits to serve in the military when the Forsaken began to invade the land. Just as the Shattering was erupting, Sergeant Cleese evacuated with every civilian and participated in the battle against the Forsaken. He later left Gilneas with large number of refugees, thanks to the aid of the Night elves, and traveled to Teldrassil. He continued to serve as a warrior trainer when he took shelter at the Howling Oak, one of the areas in Darnassus.


Gilneas City


  • His name may be a reference to the British actor John Cleese, though there doesn't seem to be any supporting evidence beyond this shared surname.


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