Serenity Falls


Closer to Hellscream's Fist


The shrines within the area

Serenity Falls is an enormous waterfall located due west of Hellscream's Fist in the northwest part of the Jade Forest. The source of the falls appears to be Pearlfin Village, far to the southeast, and the falls empty directly into the waters far below the Wreck of the Sky Shark.

The grassland closest to Hellscream's Hope is home to spitters, sprites, and treants.

Inhabitants Edit

Notes Edit

  • There are a small number of shrines tended by the sprites sprinkled throughout the area which, when stood within, grant the following buff:
    • Ability shaman watershield  [Blessing of Water]ω ϖ—A blessing of water increases melee, ranged and casting speed by 25%. Lasts 30 seconds
  • In previous iterations of the beta, there were also hozen mobs and an associated quest. These were later removed.

Patch changes Edit

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