The Seat of Command[40, 42]
is found in the north-central region of Mardum, the starting world for the demon hunters. It is here that Doom Commander Beliash leads his forces; demon hunters also utilize the portal in the north to call forth their shivarra allies to aid against the Burning Legion.



Mardum LegionDevastator

One of the devastators.

When traveling from the Seat of Command to Inferno Peak, Legion devastators from high atop the mountain will begin firing fel cannonballs onto the path. These are easily avoided, especially when mounted; when struck, players not only take a bit of damage, but they are also knocked into the air.

Upon taking the path for the first time, the following dialogue is offered:

Kayn Sunfury yells: Mount up, <name>. The Legion is not playing around. They've unleashed their devastators.
Kayn Sunfury yells: We barely made it through. Most of us, anyway. We're under bombardment up here, too.
Brood Queen Tyranna yells: Are you blind? Kill them!

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