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Sea is a set of function libraries designed to make the process of writing new World of Warcraft UI mods faster and simpler. It is designed to reflect a Java-like object oriented library style. This addon is a function library. This means that it doesn't have any UI on its own, but rather provides functionality for other addons. If you are an addon user and not an addon developer all you need to do is to leave this addon turned on if you have any other addons that depend on it.

Download Edit

The most current version is available at WoW Interface.

Sea (AddOn)/ChangeLog

Example Edit

Sea.IO.print("Hello World!"); 

Sea Documentation Edit

See also Category:Sea (AddOn)/documentation.

Sea Libraries Edit

  • data - information tables useful to the game
  • IO - input/output functions (mostly output)
  • lang - localization and language formatting functions
  • math - mathematical functions and constants not in lua's Math
  • string - string manipulation and formatting functions
  • table - table manipulation functions
  • util - common utilities, such as hooking functions
  • wow - World of Warcraft game object functions (like tooltip.scan)
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