Scorpions are a type of arthropod similar or related to scorpids or arachnathids, and native to both Azeroth and Draenor.[1] (RotH 116) They are summonable monsters which can be called upon through conjurors and summoning arts.[2] (WoWRPG 343)

Conjurers of the First War were capable of using the spell Summon Scorpions to help fight against the Horde.

Scorpions of Warcraft IEdit

WCOnH logo 16x48 This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (aka Warcraft I).

Human DescriptionEdit

Creatures of the arid lands, these giant arachnids strike with venomed stingers that are located in their tails to kill their prey. The poison they employ is extremely painful, and is a slow and wicked death. They are hunters by nature that will attack anything that strays near their nests.[3] (W1ManH 38)

Orc DescriptionEdit

Hunters of the underground, these are as venomous and deadly as any creation of the Warlocks. Their tails are tipped by a sharp spike, and can tear through the armor and flesh of their prey to inject a deadly and painful poison into the unfortunate. The Humans have learned to command the smallest of these fiends, and can summon them to do their bidding.[4] (W1ManO 58)


  • Monstrous scorpion
    Monstrous scorpions are likely to attack any creature that approaches, and they usually charge when attacking prey. A monstrous scorpion has a poisonous sting, with details that vary by the scorpion’s size.[5] (MGWS 30)

Critters Edit

Critter scorpions can be found in the Hellfire Peninsula, both the ruins and temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Level 85 characters with access to Twilight Highlands can find them in the Verrall Delta near the Muddied Water Elementals.


Killing one of these is required for Ability hunter pet spider [Pest Control].

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