Inv crate 05 Neutral 15 Scavenger 10 Money achievement
Successfully fish in each of the junk nodes listed below.

Scavenger is criteria for the meta-achievement Trade fishing [Accomplished Angler] which awards the <Salty> title. To complete you must fish into various "junk" fishing holes.


The fishing pools of a zone are random spawns. If the node you are looking for has not spawned in your zone, try fishing the nodes you do find, and this may help it spawn faster.

Pool Fishing required Zone Notes
Steam Pump Flotsam 305 Zangarmarsh Coast of the lakes
Schooner Wreckage 55 Ashenvale
Schooner Wreckage 55 Hillsbrad Foothills Coastal area near Southshore
Schooner Wreckage 55 Stonetalon Mountains Blackwolf River and Cragpool Lake
Schooner Wreckage 55 Wetlands Near Menethil Harbor
Floating Wreckage 205 Azshara
Floating Wreckage 205 Feralas
Floating Wreckage 205 Tanaris Lost Rigger Cove, Wavestrider Beach [68, 37]
Bloodsail Wreckage 130 Stranglethorn Vale Bloodsail Buccaneers camps to the northwest and east of Booty Bay,
south of Grom'Gol and
the coast north of the Ruins of Aboraz
Waterlogged Wreckage 130 Alterac Mountains
Waterlogged Wreckage 130 Arathi Basin
Waterlogged Wreckage 130 Desolace
Waterlogged Wreckage 130 Dustwallow Marsh Eastern Coast North of Theramore Isle
Waterlogged Wreckage 130 Stranglethorn Vale

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