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Magna Scavell of the Order of Tirisfal was the Guardian for several centuries, starting around more than a millennium prior to the First War. Scavell, a human, was one of the more successful Guardians, working in tandem with the Council to great effect — Erbag and Relfthra, the Gnomish and Elven representatives to the council, were among his closest friends. Some eight hundred years ago, Scavell decided that he'd had enough of the Guardianship, and sought out likely successors. Over the next few years, he gathered five powerful apprentices:

  • Falric was eldest and the smartest.
  • Jonas was apparently the most powerful — and the least original.
  • Manfred was the most creative.
  • Aegwynn mastered the powerful Meitre scrolls in her first year.
  • Natale, despite a fear of demons, was effective at banishing undead.

Of the five, Aegwynn showed the greatest overall aptitude, and was invested with the power of the Tirisfalen halfway through her apprenticeship. Scavell survived the transference ritual by only a year- all of his apprentices joined the Order, but only succeeded their master by decades. Four hundred years after his death, Aegwynn named her pet Thunder Lizard after her long-gone master.

Preceded by:
Unknown, eventually Aranda
Guardian of Tirisfal
Succeeded by:
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