Sand worms are huge worms that can be found in the Tanaris Desert.[1] (WRPG 210)

Little is known about the sand worms. They are worm-like creatures with burrowing claws growing from the upper body. These enable the beasts to dig through most kinds of soil with frightening speed, often surprising unwary pray by bursting up through the ground beneath the creature and killing it with its sharp beak-like mouth. You can spot where they are because rocks/the ground move above them.[citation needed]

The massive worm Ouro was believed to be the only one in existence, but more have been seen in Bc icon Outland and even a few in Wrath-Logo-Small Northrend (but they are usually the Jormungar species).

Young burrowers are unable to tunnel, and also seem to lack the characteristic claws.

Unlike their generally smaller rock borer cousins, they almost never fully expose all their bodies above ground.

Notable sand worms



  • Whilst underground, sand worms cannot be targeted. This means that you will most likely not get the opening move if you run into one — no ambush, pounce, charge, or uninterrupted starfire/shadowbolt/fireball, since you'll already be in combat if you can target it.

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