Sometimes known as Sand Trolls, the Desert Trolls inhabit the Tanaris desert of southern Kalimdor, near the ancient Insectoid Empire. Their capital city is located at Zul'Farrak, and they do not seem to have any further settlements outside this stronghold. Their proximity to Gadgetzan brings them into freqent conflict with the Goblin Trade Princes, the Horde and the Alliance. Desert Trolls seem to follow a shamanistic path of Voodoo similar to their Jungle Troll brothers, and hold reverance for a mysterious summoned creature called Gahz'rilla.


Not a lot is known about the history of the Desert Trolls, but they seem to be just as ancient as the other Troll races. In recent times they have been in conflict with the Goblins and others who intrude on their territory. Unlike the other Troll races who have been known since at least the last great war, the Desert Trolls have remained largly unknown to all non-Trolls until the settlement and exploration of Kalimdor.


Desert Trolls seem to have one of the most diverse number of social units in their society, ranging from Axe Throwers, Hideskinners, Blood Drinkers, Guardians and Executioners who act as the warriors and hunters of Zul'Farrak, to the Shadow Hunters, Soul Eaters, Firecallers and Witch Doctors who are potent Voodoo casters. It is rumorered that slaves are also employed by the Sandfury Tribe as warriors, and extra labour. A number of priest-type Trolls such as Zealots and Acolytes seem to be at the core of the Desert Troll civilisation, acting as religious leaders. Drudges and Cretins seem to perform the menial labour, similar to the role of peons.

Important Individuals


  • Sandfury Tribe - The Sandfury Tribe inhabits the Tanaris Desert and holds many ancient relics of Troll society. They can be found in and around the ancient bastion of Zul'Farrak in the Tanaris Desert.

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