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The Sanctum of Light (also referred to as Light's Hope Sanctum) is the order hall for the paladin class. It lies under the floor within Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands, the stone slab sliding away to reveal a dark stairwell beneath. It is here the Knights of the Silver Hand are reformed in its entirety, drawing together all the paladins of Azeroth, including Blood Knights, Sunwalkers, and the Hand of Argus.

The Sanctum is divided into three sections: the entry room, where quest givers, the command board, and the portal to Dalaran are located; the Armory of the Silver Hand, where the training dummies are situated; and the Hall of Champions, where the forge for the paladins' Artifact Weapons rests, along with giant stone statues of fallen paladins. Of special note is the statue of Turalyon.

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Paladins unlock access to the Sanctum as part of their quest to retrieve their artifact weapons. Once the line is complete, the full Sanctum is brought into phase.

Paladins can then either use their class teleport ability to access the Sanctum or fly to Light's Hope Chapel. There, they can manually open the sliding stone cover that leads beneath the building.

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Armory of the Silver Hand
Hall of Champions

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