Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza is a red dragonflight dragon (in high elf form) that can be found in the Ruby Sanctum. Baltharus the Warborn, one of the three mini-bosses, is attempting to get through the barrier she has created and is hiding inside of. She is one of the very few survivors after the attack by the black dragonflight.



Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza yells: Help! I am trapped within this tree! I require aid!
Baltharus the Warborn yells: Your power wanes, ancient one.... Soon you will join your friends.
Baltharus the Warborn dies
Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza yells: Thank you! I could not have held out for much longer.... A terrible thing has happened here.
Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza says: We believed the Sanctum was well-fortified, but we were not prepared for the nature of this assault.
Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza says: The Black dragonkin materialized from thin air, and set upon us before we could react.
Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza says: We did not stand a chance. As my brethren perished around me, I managed to retreat here and bar the entrance.
Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza says: They slaughtered us with cold efficiency, but the true focus of their interest seemed to be the eggs kept here in the Sanctum.
Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza says: The commander of the forces on the ground here is a cruel brute named Zarithrian, but I fear there are greater powers at work.
Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza says: In their initial assault, I caught a glimpse of their true leader, a fearsome full-grown twilight dragon.
Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza says: I know not the extent of their plans, heroes, but I know this: They cannot be allowed to succeed!

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