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Samuro is a skilled orcish blademaster. He was once a member of the Ill-fated Burning Blade clan on which he, like other members of the clan swore an oath to free himself from the grasps of the demons. Samuro introduces himself in the Orc Campaign Founding of Durotar.

Biography Edit

Samuro once lived in a village with his brethren. Unfortunately for him, a bloodthirsty Wildkin known as Bloodbeak destroyed his village. With vengeance in mind, Samuro hunted Bloodbeak until he finally met with success. Bloodbeak was slain, and Samuro could pay attention to his newly assigned task of sabotaging a Kul Tiras base camp near the coast.[1]

Samuro was successful in this as well by using stealth to place demolition charges near vital structures of the Kul Tiras base (likely Tiragarde Keep in World of Warcraft). With his mission accomplished, Rexxar, Rokhan, and Chen Stormstout could continue with a mission of their own, and Samuro was free to continue as he wished.[1]

In World of Warcraft Edit

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An orc named NeutralNPCElite 15Samuro appears beginning with World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. He is the lead singer of the metal band The Tauren Chieftains. However, there is no evidence supporting or opposing being the same orc. They may be the same or may be an orc sharing his name.

Quotes Edit

  • Throm-Ka, brother. I am Samuro. My humble skills are yours. Vol'jin entrusted me with a batch of explosive wards filled with an unstable concoction. If I can place them on some critical structures, I could create enough of a distraction to allow you to sneak across the channel in this boat"[1]
  • "I will try again. They won't even see me coming this time"[1]
  • He has the same quotes as a normal Blademaster.[1]

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