For the Rune for other classes, see Rune of Perfection.

The Rune of Duty is a rare quality PvP reward trinket for melee fighters of the Horde and Alliance (same item for both factions) from the Warsong Gulch battleground. It can be purchased for the correct amount of honor points depending on the level. There are 2 versions of this trinket, [one available at level 20], and [one available at level 40].


The Rune of Duty is sold by Kelm Hargunth <Warsong Supply Officer> at Mor'shan Base Camp in the Barrens and Illiyana Moonblaze in Ashenvale. Previously, players had to have Friendly status in order to purchase this trinket. Now it can be purchased with honor points.


Inv misc rune 02
Inv misc rune 02

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