End Time's Ruby Dragonshrine


Ruby Dragonshrine map

For the non-instanced version of this zone, see Ruby Dragonshrine.

The Ruby Dragonshrine of the End Time instance is a mere shell of what players normally encounter within Dragonblight. In this future version of Azeroth where Deathwing has destroyed all life, the vibrant trees are mere husks and the only denizens are shades and ghouls, the red dragonflight long gone.

Nozdormu has this to say about the dragonshrine when players arrive:

What lies before you is the aftermath of Deathwing's reign. What was once the Ruby Dragonshrine now lays in waste, its charred husk and scorched earth the only testament to its existence.

It is said that, long ago, a single drop of Alexstrasza's blood melted away the snows of and gave life to the great Crimson Oak that stands before you. Its branches raised triumphantly into the sky and radiated the warmth and life of the Red Dragonflight.

But now, its twisted, rotting limbs can no longer harness the power of life and vitality - instead only death and destruction. As flame and corruption extinguished the life force of these lands, the great tree captured an image... an echo of the warriors who fell on its hallowed grounds.


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