Royal Library

Royal Library

The Royal Library of Stormwind is located inside Stormwind Keep, in the chamber to the right as one enters the Garden. There is an extensive collection of scrolls, tomes, books, and texts on anything of historical, religious, cultural, or bureaucratic significance here, and adventurers from all races of the Alliance come here to peruse the lore. Milton Sheaf seems to be the head librarian.

During the Second War, the Book of Medivh was stored here for a period. The book was stolen from here, either by agents of Alterac (according to the orc campaign of Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal) or by Ner'zhul's death knights (according to the human campaign). In the book Beyond the Dark Portal, it was known to be stolen by Ner'zhul's death knights.

After the Cataclysm, the Archaeology trainer, Harrison Jones, can be found here with some of his students, including Lana Dubing, Darnella Winford, and Janric Moller.



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