Rothin the Decaying is member of the Cult of the Damned found in the Maw of Neltharion in Dragonblight. He can be seen raising the skeletons of black dragons into Magmawyrms.

Objective of


It was possible to easily maximize any weapon skill level by continually striking him with the appropriate weapon in his immune state. This exploit was removed in patch 3.0.8.


Random Quotes:

  • You are a black wyrm no longer. Go... Go and serve the Scourge.

When [Neltharion's Flame] is used near Rothin:

  • No... NO! What have you done?! So many ancient wyrms wasted... what magic could do this?
  • Foolish errand <boy/girl>... you will die for interrupting my work!

On death:

  • This is not the end... death only... strengthens...

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