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Rom was a dwarf who helped Vereesa Windrunner and Falstad Dragonreaver in the book Day of the Dragon. He saved them from cannibalistic trolls, and then helped them reach the outside of Grim Batol through dwarven tunnels. He had a talisman which allowed him to communicate with Krasus, which he later gave to Vereesa, in order to be guided by the dragon mage.

During the Second War, Rom's clan was left with forty-seven members where once they numbered in the hundreds. He participated in the Battle of Grim Batol with other hill dwarves alongside four of the Dragon Aspects against the orcs, and also Deathwing when he arrived to take advantage of the situation.[1] (DotD 280)

Years later, he was sent some time during the Burning Crusade by Magni Bronzebeard to discover what was going on at Grim Batol. As a veteran of the Battle of Grim Batol and his command experience, he was the perfect choice. He was later questioned by Vereesa about why he looked older than he should, to which he confided to her and Iridi that it was due to the evil inside Grim Batol.

Veterans like himself had aged quicker and a good many had died before their time.[2] (NotD 141) He killed, and was in turn killed by, the drakonid Rask during the recent incident involving Dargonax.[2] (NotD 287)

He has been described as a hill dwarf.[1] (DotD #?)

Dwarves under Rom's commandEdit

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