Rokad the Ravager is a level 73 named elite darkhound in the Servant's Quarters in Karazhan. The Servant's quarters are located immediately to the right after you enter the instance from the main entrance.

Rokad only does straight up melee damage on the main tank, but does so a lot (about 1800 damage). The encounter is a straightforward tank and spank fight.

Most of the trashmobs in the room can be cleared before starting the bossfight. The only exceptions are the two dogs closest to him: they seem to be linked to the boss and pulling them will aggro the boss as well. [Edit - We body pulled the two hounds and did not aggro Rokad]

The random animal boss spawn seems to work like this: 1. Clear the area (boss hasn't spawned yet). 2. Start clearing the respawns. 3. Get the announcement by the spawned boss. 4. Clear the path to the announced boss. 5. Kill the boss - (confirmation needed on this) - Apr. 8

Faction Gain

Clearing the area requires the raid to kill around 50 mobs worth 15 Violet Eye rep each. With reputation from the boss, this adds up to about 1000 Violet Eye reputation.


While Rokad does relatively strong melee damage to the tank, this encounter is essentially a "tank 'n' spank" fight; just DPS him down and heal as needed.

A warlock can enslave or banish the two dogs that aggro with him. They have a cleave that can hit for 2-3k and crit for over 7k. If enslaved and used against the boss, they can actually pull aggro away from the main tank. - July 2 07.

Video guide

How to solo Rokad the Ravager
How to Solo Karazhan part 1 of 2

How to Solo Karazhan part 1 of 2


Rokad drops one set of purple bracers each time. These are randomly selected from Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate, with a random enchantment.

Rokad the Ravager Loot
Inv bracer 10
Inv bracer 07
Inv bracer 02
Inv bracer 07

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