Rogue Armor SelectionEdit

Pre-60 RogueEdit

Rogues can only wear leather and cloth armor, see also leather armor.

level 1-25
You can buy some standard leather armor when you start your character. You may be lucky to get some uncommon armor from mobs' corpses or from quests. The Defias Leather set is quite suitable for rogues below level 20, but you can get superior quality armor as follows:

level 26-45
During this period,you can head into many dungeons if you like, such as Shadowfang Keep, Gnomeregan, Scarlet Monastery, Uldaman, Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs, Zul'Farrak.The quest rewards and boss loots are rich and generous.

level 46-60
Probably you may run Maraudon, Temple of Atal'hakkar, and Blackrock Depths. When you reach level 60, there is a variety of choice of gear, so only equipment before 60 is listed. Refer to the Rogue Gear Guide for further information.

60 RogueEdit

When you reach 60,a lot of people may continuously run dungeons or join in raid group.

5-10 man dungeons

This include Stratholme, Blackrock Spire, Scholomance, Dire Maul,we categorize leather armors to some types:

  • Resist Gear

See also Main Resist List.But the information categorized by armor type may confuse us,because besides rogue leather,there are also many resist gear designed for caster druid.Therefore you can go to Rogue Resist Gear for further information.

Tier 0 is Shadowcraft Armor, Tier 0.5 set is acquired through a quest series.It is said that Tier 0.5 is designed for casual people those who have no or few time to join raid group.

  • +%Critical to Strike Gear

There is a list of so famous +%critical strkie chance gears:

  • Attack Power Gear
  • Dodge & +%Chance to Hit Gear (PVE oriented)

Leather Armor Category
+%Critical to Strike Attack Power +%Chance to Hit +%Chance to Dodge
[Pads of the Dread Wolf](40) [Cadaverous Armor](60) [Mask of the Unforgiven](2) [Blademaster Leggings](2)
[Eye of Rend](2) [Nightbrace Tunic](50) [Truestrike Shoulders](2) [Quickdraw Gloves](1)
[Vosh'gajin's Strand](1) [Skul's Fingerbone Claws](40) [Abyssal Leather Shoulders](1) [Dawn Treaders](1)
[Gargoyle Slashers](1) [Pads of the Dread Wolf](40) [Blackmist Armguards](1) [Warstrife Leggings](1)
[Abyssal Leather Leggings](1) [Defiler's Leather Girdle](34) [Plaguehound Leggings](1)[Ash Covered Boots](1)
[Mugger's Belt](1) [Girdle of Beastial Fury](30) [Tattered Leather Hood](1) [Golden Mantle of the Dawn](1)
[Blademaster Leggings](1) [Bracers of the Eclipse](24)

20-40 man raid dungeons

We simply give the following rule to categorize the leather armor:

  • If the leather armor has any attribute of "%Chance to Hit" or "%Chance to Dodge",we categorize it to one of the "%chance" of "%Chance to Crit","%Chance to Hit" or "%Chance to Dodge".else,go to step 2.
  • If the leather armor has attribute of "%Chance to crit",then give each unit of "%Chance to Crit" a score of 15, we categorize it to "%chance" type if the total score larger than 1/3 of "stamina+agility+strength+AP".Else,we categorize it to one of "Stamina","Agility","Attack Power".e.g.Item of "1%chance to crit/10agi/20ap",because 15*1 > 1/3 * (10+20),so it should fall into "%Chance" Group.
  • If the armor falls into "%chance" group,and the leather armor has any attribute of "%Chance to Crit","%Chance to Hit" or "%Chance to Dodge",we give each unit of 15 score,10 score and 11 score.Then simply compare each score.It should falls into the largest score type.e.g.armor with 1crit/2hit/1dodge,then each score would be 15 score/20 score/11 score,20>15>11,thus it belong to "%Chance to Hit" type.
  • If the armor doesn't fall into "%chance" group,we simply figure out the largest number of "stamina","agility" and "strength+AP",the armor falls into the type of the largest above number.e.g.if strength+AP > agility > stamina,the armor should categorized to "Attack Power" type.

+%Chance to xxx Group
Name & Category  %Chance to Crit  %Chance to Hit  %Chance to Dodge
ZG [Foror's Eyepatch] (2%)
[Shadow Panther Hide Gloves] (1%)
[Blooddrenched Footpads] (1%) [Shadow Panther Hide Belt] (1%)
AQ20 [Southwind Helm] (1%)
MC [Aged Core Leather Gloves] (1%)
BWL [Boots of the Shadow Flame] (2%) [Taut Dragonhide Belt] (1%)
AQ40 [Gloves of Enforcement] (1%)
[Qiraji Execution Bracers] (1%)
[Guise of the Devourer] (1%)
Outdoor Bosses [Dark Heart Pants] (2%)

Attributes Oriented Group
Name & Category Stamina Agility Attack Power
ZG [Blooddrenched Leggings] (35) [Blooddrenched Grips] (34ap)
AQ20 [Thick Silithid Chestguard] (30)
[Toughened Silithid Hide Gloves] (18)
[Boots of the Vanguard] (22)
[Chitinous Shoulderguards] (25)
[Scaled Bracers of the Gorger] (15)
MC [Fireguard Shoulders] (28)
BWL [Interlaced Shadow Jerkin] (25) [Taut Dragonhide Shoulderpads] (46ap)
AQ40 [Hive Tunneler's Boots] (30)
[Gloves of the Hidden Temple] (22)
[Thick Qirajihide Belt] (20)
[Bile-Covered Gauntlets] (21)
[Mantle of Wicked Revenge] (30)
[Vest of Swift Execution] (41)
Outdoor Bosses [Circlet of Restless Dreams] (38)
[Unnatural Leather Spaulders] (19)
[Doomhide Gauntlets] (42ap)
[Dragonspur Wraps] (34ap)

Weapon Selection Edit

Main Weapon Edit

Dagger Rogue Edit

see also dagger

Notable daggers:

Sword Rogue Edit

Ideally, sword rogues should have a hard-hitting, slow weapon for their main hand, because Sinister Strike and other attacks are based on single-hit weapon damage. A faster weapon serves well in the off-hand, so that it can apply poisons more quickly, and proc combat potency more often.

For the Horde, there's an excellent sword available as a reward for a Blackfathom Deeps quest, the [Outlaw Sabre]. Also, rogues might try for a drop from the final boss in Deadmines, the [Cruel Barb], as there are no rare swords available from quests.

At about level 36 or so there are few choices better than these swords:

These can last you quite a while, so try to finish these quests as early as possible, it's worth it.

The next good sword available as a quest reward is the [Thrash Blade], from Maraudon, around level 47. This is a great main-hand weapon. While there are a few better swords available below level 60, they are not much better, and can be hard (i.e. expensive) to obtain. You won't find swords much better for your off-hand than Vanquisher's Sword until about level 50, when some good random drop swords are available. Look for [Hanzo Sword] or [Doomforged Straightedge], but be prepared to pay a lot for them.

If you love Warsong Gulch enough to get Revered, the swords you can buy from the Warsong vendor are very good for their level, you need look no further for a main-hand sword. They are slow, however, so you may want a faster weapon for your off-hand.

Notable swords:

Hammer Rogue Edit

Notable maces:

Fist Rogue Edit

Fistweapons are very uncommon weapons for rogues, but not due to any particular lack for power - the simple problem is that, compared to swords and daggers, there are very, very few options for fistweapons. Also, as often as not, fistweapons are itemized for Enhancement shamans (Matching sets being slow both main and offhand) - which turns some off.

Notable fist weapons:

Bow & Gun & Thrown Edit

Thrown weapons are excellent for high level PvP thanks to Deadly Throw. For PvE, choice of ranged item is based on attributes.

item categories sheer Attributes chance to crit chance to hit



Enchants Edit

Typically, there are only four types of enchants rogues use. Those include:

Easily the most expensive and best enchant available for rogues. Permanently enchants a Melee Weapon to occasionally increase Agility by 120 and attack speed slightly. Requires a level 35 or higher item. It has been theorized that the attack speed increase is 2% and the Agility increase yields 3.63% Critical Strike and 120 Attack Power.
+15 Agility 
Using this formula: 29 Agility = 1% Crit, 2.07% Dodge, and 29 attack power. The +15 Agility enchant rewards about .5% crit, 1.07% dodge, and 15 attack power per enchant. Since rogues can dual wield, this means with a +15 Agility enchant on both weapons you output 1% Crit, 2.14% dodge, and 30 attack power. When Crusader procs it rewards 100 strength (since 1 str = 1 attack power for rogues) dual +15 agility is like having a passive 30.0% crusader enchant on at all times on both weapons. +15 Agility is also the premier offhand enchant. With almost any enchant combo, +15 agility is the best for the offhand. Because unlike +5 weapon damage, the crit, dodge, and attack power on the offhand affect both weapons at all times.
This enchant is used for rogues who plan to PvE more than anything else. It offers the best DPS output in raids. Use this on your mainhand dagger. It may be wise to put this on an offhand dagger but +15 Agility is usually the best option for the offhand. When it procs it grants the rogue 100 str, which equals 100 attack power since 1str = 1 attack power for rogues, for 15 seconds. It also heals the rogue for about 75-100+ health, which is perfect for PvE content (not so much so for PvP where burst damage is favored, small healing effects don't really matter. And yes, it can proc on both weapons if you have it enchanted to both of your weapons adding up to 200 attack power, however this is very, very rare for both weapons to proc on, or near the same time as each other.
+7 Weapon Damage 
+7 Weapon damage is preferred for medium quality epic daggers such as The Lobotomizer, Fang of the Faceless, Gutgore Ripper, and so on. When weapons reach quality like the Perdition's Blade with a max damage of 137+, Mongoose is the preferred enchant. Most PvP specced dagger rogues choose +5 weapon damage for their mainhand, and +15 agility for their offhand.

Rogues also may use Fiery and Lifestealing enchants but this is less common than the four listed above.

For those of you looking for +Agi 70 gear here's your list

Level 70 +Agility gear Edit

[Chestguard of the Conniver] +33 agi
[Nimble-foot Treads] +32 agi
[Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation] +32 agi
[Cobrascale Hood] +37 agi
[Deathmantle Legguards] +41 agi
[Deathmantle Shoulderpads] +31 agi
[Girdle of the Deathdealer] +27 agi
[Nightfall Wristguards] +23 agi
[Shapeshifter's Signet] +23 agi
[Drape of the Dark Reavers] +22 agi
[Delicate Eternium Ring] +25 agi
2x[Felsteel Longblade] +52 agi
[Felsteel Longblade] & [Guile of Khoraazi] (for the Dagger/sword Build) +50 agi
[Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix] +19 agi

Total:+394 agility, or +392 if you go with the Dagger/Sword Build

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