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Note for Combo points:

  • +x indicates the move will award x Combo points
  • 0 indicates the move will reset the Combo points back to zero
  • - indicates the move doesn't use Combo points in any form

The following tables lists all of the rogue's abilities, along with the first level at which the ability can be attained.

Icon Ability Level Type Combo Pts Tree Description
Sinister strike Sinister Strike Starts with Combo Move +1 Combat A regular weapon attack augmented by a fixed amount of additional damage
Ability rogue eviscerate Eviscerate Starts with Finishing Move 0 Assassination Deals a relatively large amount of damage, increasing with each Combo point.
Ability stealth Stealth 1 Subtlety - Subtlety Allows the rogue to sneak around; movement speed reduced. May not be used while in combat.
Ability backstab Backstab 4 Combo Move +1 Combat Deals large amounts of damage. Must be at enemy's back; requires a dagger in the main hand.
Inv misc bag 11 Pick Pocket 4 Subtlety - Subtlety Steal items from a mob. Requires Stealth. Only works on mobs with "pockets".
Spell shadow shadowward Evasion 8 Combat - Combat Increases dodge skill by 50% for 15 seconds (and chance ranged attacks hit you reduced by 25% - Rank 2)
Ability rogue sprint Sprint 10 Combat - Combat Increases the rogue's movement speed for 15 sec. Does not break Stealth; Turns off attack.
Ability sap Sap 10 Opening Move - Subtlety Disorients the target for a short period. Only 1 target may be sapped at a time. Requires Stealth; Only works on Humanoids that are not in combat; Any damage taken will revive the target.
Ability rogue slicedice Slice and Dice 10 Finishing Move 0 Assassination Provides a temporary boost to automatic attack speed; lasts longer per Combo point.
Ability kick Kick 12 Combat - Combat Interrupts casting and prevents further spells from that school from being cast for 5 seconds.
Ability warrior riposte Expose Armor 14 Finishing Move 0 Assassination Finishing move that exposes the target, reducing armor by 20% and lasting longer per combo point.
Ability rogue garrote Garrote 14 Opening Move +1 Assassination Deals damage over time. Rogue must be at enemy's back; Requires Stealth. Silences enemy for 3 seconds at ranks 7 and up.
Ability gouge Gouge 16 Combo Move +1 Combat Deals small amount of damage and incapacitates enemy for a few seconds as long as they're not hit again. Turns off auto-attack.
Ability rogue feint Feint 16 Combat - Combat Causes no damage but lowers threat by a small amount.
Ability rogue ambush Ambush 18 Opening Move +1 Assassination Massive opening damage. Must be at enemy's back; Requires stealth.
Ability rogue rupture Rupture 20 Finishing Move 0 Assassination Wounds the enemy causing Damage over Time, increasing in duration with each Combo point.
Ability rogue dismantle Dismantle 20 Combat 0 Assassination Disarm the enemy, removing all weapons, shield or other equipment carried for 10 sec.
Ability rogue distract Distract 22 Subtlety - Subtlety Creates a distraction, making enemies turn to face the noise for 10 seconds. Doesn't break Stealth.
Ability vanish Vanish 22 Subtlety - Subtlety Allows the rogue to vanish from sight, entering an improved stealth mode for 10 sec. Also breaks movement impairing effects.
Ability spy Detect Traps (Passive) 24 Subtlety - Subtlety A passive ability that greatly improves trap detection.
Ability cheapshot Cheap Shot 26 Opening Move +2 Assassination Stuns the target for 4 seconds. Damage will not break the effect. Requires Stealth
Spell shadow grimward Disarm Trap 30 Subtlety - Subtlety Disarm traps. Stealth is not required but recommended, since most traps will go off unless you are Stealthed.
Ability rogue kidneyshot Kidney Shot 30 Finishing Move 0 Assassination Stuns the target for a certain amount of time based on Combo points. Almost essential for most stunlocks.
Spell shadow mindsteal Blind 34 Subtlety - Subtlety Causes the target to wander randomly at reduced movement speed for 10 sec. Canceled if target takes further damage.
Inv feather 01 Safe Fall (Passive) 40 Subtlety - Subtlety Reduces damage from falling.
Ability rogue disembowel Envenom 62 Finishing Move 0 Assassination Finishing move that consumes your Deadly Poison doses on the target and deals instant poison damage. One dose is consumed for each Combo point.
Inv throwingknife 06 Deadly Throw 64 Finishing Move 0 Assassination Finishing move that reduces the movement of the target by 50% for 6 sec and causes thrown weapon damage plus additional damage per Combo point.
Spell shadow nethercloak Cloak of Shadows 66 Subtlety - Subtlety Instantly removes all existing harmful spell effects and increases your chance to resist all spells by 90% for 5 sec. Does not remove effects that prevent you from using Cloak of Shadows.
Inv throwingknife 04 Shiv 70 Combo Move +1 Combat Performs an instant off-hand weapon attack that automatically applies the poison from your off-hand weapon to the target. Slower weapons require more energy. Neither Shiv nor the poison it applies can be a critical strike.
Ability rogue tricksofthetrade Tricks of the Trade 75 Subtlety - Subtlety The current party or raid member becomes the target of your Tricks of the Trade. The threat caused by your next attack and all actions taken for 6 sec afterward will be transferred to the target. In addition, all damage caused by the target is increased by 15% during this time.
Ability rogue fanofknives Fan of Knives 80 Combat - Combat Instantly throw both weapons at all targets within 8 yards, causing 105% weapon damage with daggers, and 70% weapon damage with all other weapons. THIS INFORMATION IS OUTDATED AND NEEDS TO BE CHECKED.

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Icon Ability Reqs Range Description
Spell ice lament Cold Blood Assassination 20 self only When activated, increases the critical strike chance of your next offensive ability by 100%.
Ability rogue shadowstrikes Mutilate Overkill 1
Assassination 40
5 yards Requires a dagger in each hand. Instantly attacks with both weapons for an additional 181 damage with each weapon. Damage is increased by 20% against poisoned targets. Awards 2 Combo points.
Ability rogue hungerforblood Hunger for Blood Assassination 50 self only Enrages you, increasing all damage caused by 5%. Requires a bleed effect to be active on the target. Lasts 1 min.
Icon Ability Reqs Range Description
Ability warrior challange Riposte Deflection 3
Combat 10
5 yards A strike that becomes active after parrying an opponent's attack. Deals 150% weapon damage and slows the target's attack speed by 20% for 30 seconds.
Ability warrior punishingblow Blade Flurry Combat 20 self only Increases your attack speed by 20%. In addition, attacks strike an additional nearby opponent. Lasts 15 sec.
Spell shadow shadowworddominate Adrenaline Rush Combat 30 self only Increases your energy regeneration rate by 100% for 15 sec.
Ability rogue murderspree Killing Spree Combat 50 10 yards Requires melee weapon. Step through the shadows from enemy to enemy, attacking an enemy every 0.5 secs with both weapons until 5 assaults are made. Can hit the same target multiple times. Cannot hit invisible or Stealthed targets.
Icon Ability Reqs Range Description
Spell shadow curse Ghostly Strike Subtlety 10 5 yards A strike that deals 125% weapon damage (180% if a dagger is equipped) and increases your chance to dodge by 15% for 7 sec. Awards 1 Combo point.
Spell shadow antishadow Preparation Subtlety 20 self only When activated, this ability immediately finishes the cooldowns on Evasion, Sprint, Vanish, Cold Blood, Shadowstep and Premeditation abilities.
Spell shadow lifedrain Hemorrhage Serrated Blades 3
Subtlety 20
5 yards An instant strike that deals 110% weapon damage (160% if a dagger is equipped) and causes the target to hemorrhage, increasing any Physical damage dealt to the target by up to X. Lasts 10 charges or 15 sec. Awards 1 Combo point.
Spell shadow possession Premeditation Preparation 1
Subtlety 30
30 yards When used, adds 2 Combo points to your target. You must use or add to those Combo points within 10 seconds or the Combo points are lost. Requires Stealth.
Ability rogue shadowstep Shadowstep Subtlety 40 25 yards Attempts to step through the shadows and reappear behind your enemy and increases movement speed by 70% for 3 sec. The damage of your next ability is increased by 20% and the threat caused is reduced by 50%. Lasts 10 seconds.
Ability rogue shadowdance Shadow Dance Subtlety 50 self only Allows the rogue to use Sap, Garrote, Ambush, Cheap Shot, Premeditation, Pickpocket, and Disarm Trap outside of Stealth for 6 seconds.
Ability Level Type Description
Instant Poison 20 Poisons Coats the rogue's weapon with a poison which has a 20% chance to instantly inflict Nature damage.
Crippling Poison 20 Poisons Coats the rogue's weapon with a poison which significantly slows an enemy's movement speed when applied.
Mind-numbing Poison 24 Poisons Coats the rogue's weapon with a poison which increases the enemy's casting times when applied.
Deadly Poison 30 Poisons Coats the rogue's weapon with a poison which causes nature-based Damage over Time when applied.
Wound Poison 32 Poisons Coats the rogue's weapon with a poison which reduces the effectiveness of healing on the target when applied.
Anesthetic Poison 68 Poisons Coats the rogue's weapon with a poison which has a 20% chance to instantly inflict Nature damage without any threat.
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