Lord Robin Daris is a nobleman of Darkshire, and so a member of the Nobles of Darkshire, and part of the Moroes encounter of Karazhan. He is an arms warrior and one of six possible adds that spawn with Moroes.

Attacks and abilities

  • Mortal Strike: Deals significant melee damage and reduces healing by 50%.
  • Whirlwind: Spins around and hits all nearby players.


  • Lord Daris deals a very high amount of melee damage and can make very quick work of casters. He is best kept shackled or trapped.
  • If he is kept shackled the priest must be sure to keep distance from him in case the shackle gets broken or dispelled to allow time to recast.
  • Alternatively Lord Daris can be offtanked and killed to avoid the risk of a caster death.


Reputation: Provides 15 reputation with The Violet Eye.


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Likely related to Farrin Daris, located in the Scarlet Raven Tavern in Darkshire.

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