Rizzle Sprysprocket is a level 70 Goblin NPC in Azshara. She appears during the Druid epic Flight Form Quest Chasing the Moonstone. She steals the moonstone before the druid can take it and leads them on a merry chase down the river, dropping depth charges, until she finally gives up and offers the item.

Although she shares the same last name with Razzle Sprysprocket, they apparently are not related.


Rizzle Sprysprocket yells: You, there! Hand over that moonstone and nobody gets hurt!

Rizzle Sprysprocket takes the Southfury moonstone and escapes into the river. Follow her!

Rizzle Sprysprocket whispers: Just chill!
Rizzle Sprysprocket yells: Stupid grenade picked a fine time to backfire! So much for high quality goblin engineering!
Rizzle Sprysprocket yells: All right, you win! I surrender! Just don't hurt me!

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