Riplash Ruins

Riplash Ruins, found at the southernmost portion of the Borean Tundra near the Riplash Strand, are ruins of what appears to be a night elf or highborne city. There is a shrine here that looks like the Temple of the Moon, but with a statue of Queen Azshara in it. Raj Naz'jan was the emperor of Riplash 500 years ago.

Recently, the Skadir wiped out most of the naga (leaving only Veehja) and took the ruins for themselves, using them as a staging ground for attacks on the Borean Tundra. Ragnar Drakkarlund can be found here. The Skadir plan to revive Leviroth.

Lands of Mystery Edit


Riplash Ruins as shown in Lands of Mystery (2-3 years before Wrath of the Lich King.

The RPG Icon 16x36 This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG, and thus unlikely to be canon.

The old ruin stands at the tundra's south end — the southern tip of Northrend. From its architecture, it appears to be nerubian, except that it is mostly above ground. There may have been an earthquake long ago, possibly the result of magma beneath, and this section of Azjol-Nerub which uplifted this section up to the surface. Regardless, nerubians aren't there now, and a pack of naga moved in some time ago. They attack anyone who gets within range.[1]

In Wrath of the Lich King, the ruins have now been described as an ancient night elf or highborne city, and not a section of Azjol-Nerub.

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Riplash Ruins statue

Riplash Ruins elf statue

  • It was said at BlizzCon 2007 that from here the naga sought to flood the region by melting the icecaps. This was also mentioned at the Borean Tundra page at the Wrath of the Lich King town hall.[2] The naga's plan is not mentioned in-game. Their plans may have been halted by the re-emergence of the kvaldir, or the idea was scrapped.


On the ceiling roof of the tower Ragnar Drakkarlund stands in, is a mural of constellations. And, below the mural is a narrow ledge where you can find an easter egg (literally) tucked into a crevice.

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