Rhahk'Zor was a level 19 elite ogre in the Deadmines. Rhahk'zor is the foreman in charge of Edwin VanCleef's construction projects.

As in Warcraft I, the Deadmines were invaded by Ogres and were slaughtered by Blackhand's army, Rhahk'Zor could be a survivor of the massacre perpetrated by the Orcs in order to punish them for plotting with Griselda. However, this event happened during the First War, and Rhahk'zor belonging to this band of Ogres is pure speculation.

Combat InfoEdit

Rhahk'Zor provides a fairly straightforward fight and has the most health out of all bosses except for Edwin VanCleef who his health is roughly tied with. The only "trick" to this fight is the pull. Just wait til he walks farther away from the two Defias mobs, and then pull. Of course, with any decent group, these mobs don't present any sort of difficulty and so can be pulled with the big ogre. Rhahk'zor cannot be slowed by mages' frost spells.



Notable Loot
Inv throwingaxe 01
Inv hammer 09


  • Aggro: VanCleef pay big for your heads!

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