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[[Category:Priest abilities]]
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[[Category:Holy spells]]

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Spell holy resurrection
  • Resurrection
  • 30 yd range
  • N/A cooldown
  • 60% of Base mana
  • 10 sec cast
  • Brings a dead player back to life with X health and Y mana. Cannot be cast when in combat.
Usable by
Casting time10 sec cast
Mental Strength
Inner Focus
Other information
May your second chance end better than your first.[1]

Resurrection is the resurrection spell of the priest class. You must cast this spell out of combat, and you'll probably have to heal and buff the target once they revive. Also, the target will be revived to where the spell is cast, not where their corpse is or where you are after you cast it.

Other classes have similar spells but usually with slightly different requirements and effects:


Brings a dead allied player back to life. This spell cannot be cast while the priest is flagged as being in combat.

Note that there is no way to know if a corpse belongs to the priest's faction or not except by inspecting it visually. If the corpse does belong to the priest's faction, it is possible to tell whether the player is still online or not by typing "/who playername." A response of "0 players found" indicates that the player has logged off (or is of the wrong faction). A response giving the target's race, level, and class indicates that the player is still online and can be successfully resurrected. Note that landing a resurrection on an offline or cross-faction player's corpses is indistinguishable from landing one on an online player's corpse who simply declines the resurrection. In both cases, the mana is wasted. Note that if the dead character is flagged for PvP (also impossible to determine visually), then the priest will also become flagged.

There are some common misconceptions involving Resurrection and releasing. Players can be resurrected whether or not they release. If the player has not released, the priest resurrecting can select the body and cast the spell. If they have released, the priest must click the spell and mouse over the corpse since the corpse is not selectable. There are reasons not to release however. If a player releases, they will not see loot on mobs killed while the player is dead. Players who release do not receive credit if a required quest event happens while the player is dead. Players being resurrected will come back at the feet of the priest (or paladin with Redemption) performing the resurrection not at the site of the corpse. Players dead while a kill is made receive reputation but *not* experience (if eligible for experience).

Rank Level Type Mana Cost Description Cast Time Cost
1 10 Holy 60% of Base Mana Brings a dead player back to life with 70 health and 135 mana. 10 seconds 3Silver
2 26 Holy 60% of Base Mana Brings a dead player back to life with 160 health and 300 mana. 10 seconds 40Silver
3 42 Holy 60% of Base Mana Brings a dead player back to life with 300 health and 520 mana. 10 seconds 2Gold 20Silver
4 58 Holy 60% of Base Mana Brings a dead player back to life with 500 health and 750 mana. 10 seconds 5Gold 30Silver
5 68 Holy 60% of Base Mana Brings a dead player back to life with 1100 health and 1150 mana. 10 seconds 9Gold 90Silver

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