Some words, or phrases, are reserved. If you try to send a message containing these works or phrases, it will be ignored. If you try to send it as a whisper to another player, you will get the system error message:

Unable to send chat to %t because your message contained reserved words.

Sample words list Edit

  • you kow
  • u kow
  • ukow

Reason Edit

It's not the phrases that are banned, but the appearance of specific letters.

  • kur kow
  • you kow

The above are both blocked because of "ukow", which is a reference to, a gold selling site.

Why someone would need to say these things in English, unless it is a typo for "you know" or "your cow", is unknown.

In Polish language, howewer, it's part of many words: for example "bukowy" (made of beech wood), and it happened more than once to Polish World Of Warcraft players that their whisper message were blocked.

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