This is the 5-man, level 85, heroic mode dungeon boss. See Renataki (original) for the old Zul'Gurub raid version.

Renataki is a ghost troll rogue boss that may randomly spawn during the Cache of Madness event in Zul'Gurub. It requires an Archaeology skill of 225 or more to activate. The other potential bosses are: Hazza'rah, Gri'lek, Wushoolay.

Renataki is mostly a tank and spank (more so than the others); however, he does have two notable abilities.

He will periodically cast [Vanish]ω τ ϖ and then [Ambush]ω τ ϖ on a single player at random. After Ambushing, Renataki taunts the party, laughing as he does so. While taunting, he will be too busy laughing to attack.

He will also use [Thousand Blades]ω τ ϖ, and change fixates from target to target, flying around the area. Thousand Blades will deal AoE damage to the entire party, and (possibly) deal higher damage to players that are near him during the channel. While unconfirmed, if it is in fact true that it does more damage to nearer players, then it's best to have the party split up and spread out during Thousand Blades to reduce incoming damage.

A non-notable ability he may use is [Deadly Poison]ω τ ϖ which stacks up to 20 times, so may become a problem if ignored.

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