Reforging (also called thaumaturgy) is currently being developed in Cataclysm which allows undesired stats on gear to be exchanged for more useful stats. As of June 2010, reforging allows 40% of a secondary stat (such as critical strike, dodge, haste, hit or parry rating) or spirit to be exchanged for another secondary stat or spirit, and reforging is handled by NPCs known as Thaumaturges located in the major cities. The cost of reforging an item is equal to its' sale value.[1] As of the Blizzcon 2009, stats could only be exchanged for other stats which were not already on the gear, it is unclear if this restriction remains. Earlier in Cataclysm's development, reforging was planned to be an ability of Jewelcrafters, Engineers, Tailors, Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers, who would have been able to create items similar to enchantment scrolls which other characters could use to reforge their gear.


It has been stated that Reforging is not intended to be used routinely on all items, like Enchanting, but to allow more classes to conceivably roll on potential upgrades, rather than being forced to disenchant.


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