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Red dragons (mature) have a bearing and stature that recalls the fact that they once ruled as lords over all dragon kind. This nobility is reflected in every aspect of a red dragon, from its proud demeanor to its aura - not one that inspires fear, but rather awe. It is as debilitating as the terrifying presence that other dragons possess, except that it overwhelms with a beatific aura. Red dragons exemplify the serenity of life and nature. Legends hold that wherever a red dragon walks upon the earth or burns the soil with its flaming breath, the earth is renewed. Although they use fire to protect and punish, the flames always give way to new life. The dragon's scaled hide shimmers in the sun like countless rubies. It's long neck is a graceful arc as its noble, ridged head takes in the surroundings. Its golden eyes gleam with great wisdom.

Red dragons are honorable and fight on even terms if battling honorable or worthy opponents. They will sacrifice their aerial advantage if they are met fairly on the ground. The red dragon's wrath, however, dispenses with honor when facing those they consider dishonorable - any evil creatures, as well as orcs. Such beings are to be expunged with every instinct and ability that red dragons possess. Red dragons prefer to use flame to entrap enemies and force them to difficult terrain, using their aeial advantage for greater mobility. They prefer to destroy an opposing force's leadership first, ruining its power structure and hopefully setting the younger or less experienced combatants to flight. [1] (MoM 37&38)

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