Inv scroll 06
  • Recipe: Transmute Water to Undeath
  • Requires Alchemy (275)
  • Use: Teaches you how to transmute Essence of Water into Essence of Undeath.
  • [Essence of Undeath]
  • Requires Essence of Water (1)
  • 1 Charges

Transmute: Water to Undeath is a sub-skill of Alchemy which allows the Alchemist to change Essence of Water into Essence of Undeath. In order to perform the transformation, the alchemist must have a skill level of 275.


Spell nature acid 01
1x [Essence of Water]


Inv misc orb 01 [Philosopher's Stone]

Transmuting essences will trigger a 24-hour transmute cooldown.

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The Inv scroll 06 [Recipe: Transmute Water to Undeath] is a rare, random drop from various high-level mobs throughout the lands, although its use is subject to question, since Spell shadow shadetruesight [Essence of Undeath] is considerably more common (and hence less valuable) than Spell nature acid 01 [Essence of Water].

Also due to the fact that this recipe shares a cooldown with the much more valuable epic gem transmutes, transmuting any kind of essence into another can result into a potential big loss of gold.

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