Razlo Crushcog is one of Sicco Thermaplugg's most loyal lieutenants, sent to the surface to defend Gnomeregan.

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Razlo was sent by Thermaplugg to harass High Tinker Mekkatorque after Operation: Gnomeregan. Crushcog had technicians and crowd pummelers at his disposal, and planned to bolster his army by restoring the broken-down spider tanks at Crushcog's Arsenal. He made his base on an island in the center of Iceflow Lake, surrounded by mechanical guardians and technicians to attend to him and his massive tank. In the end, however, he couldn't withstand the combined forces of the Gnomeregan Exiles and the Ironforge Dwarves.

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  • Machine Gun - A channeled machine gun barrage that deals 1414 to 1586 damage every quarter-second to target for 3 sec. This effect ignores armor.

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  • You! How did you escape detection by my sentry-bots?
  • No matter! My guardians and I will make short work of you. To arms, men!
  • You will never defeat the true sons of Gnomeregan!

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  • An Image of Razlo Crushcog can be seen being examined by Mekkatorque's war council in New Tinkertown.

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