Ranger Lord Hawkspear is a level 60 rare mob high elf found patrolling the Quel'Lithien Lodge in Eastern Plaguelands. [48, 14]
He is on a 5-8 hour respawn timer. Hawkspear is most likely the commander of the Quel'Lithien, considering the fact that his title is 'Ranger Lord.'


The finalist story for Blizzard's creative writing competition, In the Shadow of the Sun, depicted Hawkspear and Aurora Skycaller meeting with Lor'themar Theron. Hawkspear was named Renthar Hawkspear and refused the assistance of the sin'dorei, choosing to retain his quel'dorei ethics.


Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Hawkspear has found an 'item of magical energy', which has apparently turned the elves at the lodge into wretched. [1] It is unknown if he has also succumbed to the same fate. He has been relocated behind Northpass Tower and renamed Death-hunter Hawkspear and is still a rare mob since Cataclysm. Apparently he escaped the same fate as his brethren.


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