Rak'shiri is a hostile level 57 rare mob saber cat found near Frostsaber Rock in Winterspring.

Hunters often seek to tame Rak'shiri for its striking appearance, which is shared only with Shy-Rotam, who before patch 2.3, was a Horde-exclusive quest-spawn. They are based on mount skins, thus when viewed in the hunter's Pet window, the model is placed lower than normal pet models, since the viewer is leaving room for a rider to be shown.

Of note is that Rak'Shiri is mentioned as prey of the all-time famous dwarven game hunter, Hemet Nesingwary. According to his Outland hunting buddy, Shado 'Fitz' Farstrider, he and Hemet met as rivals both attempting to catch this mighty cat, and ended up making a friendly competition out of it. (Which, according to Farstrider's regret, was also the event that gave him the title "Fitz".)

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