Rajah Haghazed

Rajah Haghazed in WoW

Rajah Haghazed is an elite level 63 naga myrmidon and leader of the Darkcrest naga in Zangarmarsh [65, 69]
. His counterpart is the naga siren Rajis Fyashe.


  • Immune to snare, root and fear. At half health he switches from sword and shield to polearm dropping his armor significantly, but hits harder and starts using mortal strike.
  • Some classes may be able to solo him with difficulty at the level you pickup this quest, such as paladins, pet users and properly specced mages, but it is generally a much better idea to form a group.


Objective: Slay Rajah Haghazed at the Lagoon and return to Warden Hamoot at the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh for a reward.

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