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For strategy on the Molten Core encounter, see Ragnaros (tactics).

Abilities Edit

Phase One Edit

Starts at 100%.

  • [Sulfuras Smash]. He targets the ground with his hammer and lava begins to boil on the ground; a few seconds later, he slams the hammer down. This impact causes [Lava Wave] to radiate out from the blast. They put a debuff that can be dispelled that causes periodic damage. It's likely in heroic it would hit for too much or be unremovable as a way to make the mechanic more punishing.
  • [Magma Traps]. He summons one on a random player in the raid. They function a lot like the Shadow Trap mechanic from heroic Lich King, except they don't remove you from the platform. This makes them relatively harmless. Unlike the heroic Lich King ones, they also don't despawn during phase transitions.
  • [Hand of Ragnaros] is cast every once in a while and it's a lot like Static Shock from the Al'Akir encounter.
  • Ragnaros also casts [Wrath of Ragnaros].

Phase Two Edit

Phase two starts at 70%.

  • Ragnaros spawns his Combat 15 Sons of Flame after throwing down Sulfuras. They have a buff called [Burning Speed] which increases their speed if their HP is above 50%.
  • Ragnaros throws down a [Molten Seed] at every member of the raid. After ten seconds, they spawn adds that can't be tanked. Luckily they don't hit for very much, either.
  • He also casts [Engulfing Flames] on the platform to make certain areas obscured, this doesn't become much of an issue until phase three, but should still be watched out for.

Phase Three Edit

The final phase starts out at 40%.

  • Adds are two Combat 15 Lava Scions. They heal Sons of Flame who stand in their wake.
  • [Living Meteors]. Ragnaros will summon them down from the sky and it will fixate on a random raid member. You can alter its path slightly by DPSing it--every time it's hit, it rolls away. However, if you're in the meteor's landing path or within a couple yards of it (regardless of whether it's following you or not), it will kill you.
  • Engulfing Flames is still being cast on one third of the platform, making the meteor kiting trickier.
  • At 10% HP, Ragnaros retreats and awaits you to defeat him on Heroic.


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