Raac is a small reptilian creature seen in the Sunwell Trilogy, who hatches from an egg hidden in Anveena's house. It was at first believed by Dar'Khan to hold the remaining energies of the Sunwell until it was revealed that Anveena was indeed the Avatar.

Its species is unknown. Both Kalec and Tyri (who dislike the creature) are unable to identify it, making it unlikely to be related to dragons despite its appearance. It was a magical device created by Borel for scrying Anveena, it was what the doting parents of Anveena became after their house near Tarren Mill was burned down by the Scourge.[1] (Gl 81)

Current statusEdit

While it is known that at the end of the Sunwell Trilogy Raac remains with Anveena at the Sunwell Plateau as a means of communication with Korialstrasz should something happen, he is mysteriously absent from the events at the Sunwell, being neither seen or mentioned at all at any point.

As of Night of the Dragon, his whereabouts are still unknown, as remarked upon by Korialstrasz and Kalecgos.

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