Quilbeasts are a battle-trained species of boar in the servitude of the quilboar. Rexxar could summon them in Warcraft III. Creatures with this name are seen in Mok'Nathal Village in service to others of his clan.

Quilbeasts are strange boars found only in the Barrens of Kalimdor. The creatures seem to be a cross between a boar and a porcupine, and show the unique ability to launch their quills at both prey and predators. It may be that quilbeasts are related to quilboars, and the humanoids certainly breed the boars, keeping them as prickly pets and guards.[1] (HPG 216)


  • Dire Quilbeast

The creature is an immense boar the size of a small pony, its tusks as big as swords. Literally hundreds of quills run along its shoulders and back, bristling with rabid fury.

Dire quilbeasts are rare and massive quilbeasts. They have more quills than normal and can launch these quills at their targets. They are even more savage than normal quilbeasts, known to become enraged at the slightest provocation.[1] (HPG 216)

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