This page is a guide for efficiently completing the quests in the human starting area of Northshire Valley.

  1. First take Deputy Willem's quests for Marshal McBride and Eagan Peltskinner. Complete both and take the two's own quests - Wolves Across the Border by Eagan, in which you must get 8 pieces of Tough Wolf Meat from the local wolves, and the kobold quest by McBride, for which you must kill 10 Kobold Vermin. Collect all the loot and sell the useless stuff to the vendors! Complete these and move on to part 2.
  2. Before you head off, you should check out the local armor vendors and get some new equipment. Now get the second kobold quest from Marshal McBride - this time you have to kill the Workers (the ones in blue outfits). Also take up "The Brotherhood of Thieves" from Deputy Willem - collect 12xRed Bulrap Bandana for him. First do the kobold quest and try getting as much XP as possible, because the Defias are hard to pull and you can get into much trouble if they gang you at low level. Once again, don't forget to collect all the loot. When you get the bandanas, report to Deputy Willem and choose your first weapon, then move on to phase 3.
  3. Check out the armor from the vendors once again before taking any quests. Then look around and see the available quests: Milly Osworth and Bounty on Garrick Padfoot from Willem and the third kobold quest from McBride. Start off by going around the Abbey and talking to Milly Osworth, then take her Milly's Harvest quest. Scout the Echo Ridge Mine for kobold laborers and kill 12. Now cross the river once again - you need to collect 8 grape baskets of Milly's Harvest. Then go to the small shack to the east to find Garrick Padfoot - kill him and loot his head. Now head back to the Abbey and report all quests. After completing Milly's Harvest, find Brother Neals at the top of the Abbey to complete Grape Manifest. Take Marshal McBride's Report to Goldshire and at the Northshire Gate take Rest and Relaxation. Now head off to Goldshire to continue with your adventures there. You should take a look at the Elwynn Forest questing guide.

Northshire is a quick place if you do those 3 quest runs in that order. If you need a bit of extra money before you head out, fill your bags with wolf parts - those are a good way to make some extra Money.
Also while in Northshire (if human), take your first class quest from Marshal McBride.
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