Speak with Ziz Fizziks in Windshear Crag.


The Venture Company stole many of the best goblin minds, but from time to time, we get the opportunity to steal some back.

A while ago, the Venture Company outfit in the Stonetalon Mountains hired Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle--a gnome! Their other engineer, Ziz Fizziks, was so taken aback by this, he pleaded with me to find him new employment with the Tinkers' Union. I set him on a few tasks, but he might need help.

Maybe you could look in on him for me? He's stationed at the western edge of Windshear Crag.


I thought those Venture Company higher-ups were slave drivers, but then I met Sputtervalve, the cruelest of them all!

Ha! Though it's better than being out of a job, I suppose... Or worse, working with that Gerenzo. If you're here to help, I've got something for you to do.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

  1. N [21] Ziz Fizziks
  2. N [21] Super Reaper 6000
  3. N [21] Further Instructions
  4. N [27] Further Instructions
  5. N [27] Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle

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