Activate the Scrap Reaver X6000 Controller and test out its capabilities. Then give your feedback to Doctor Vomisa, Ph.T at the Proving Grounds in the Netherstorm. Deal with any problems that arise.

  • Scrap Reaver X6000 Test Complete: 0/1
  • Scrap Reaver X6000 Controller: 0/1

After activating the Scrap Reaver X6000, Negatron will summon. You have to defeat him to complete the quest.

In World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game.


This quest is the 6th step of a quest chain in Netherstorm that begins with N [69] Help Mama Wheeler.


Doctor Vomisa, Ph.T. at your service. Here, take this controller. I want you to activate it and give my newly-invented Scrap Reaver X6000 a spin.

Just stay nearby! The controller is tied to my console here, and if you get too far away, the robot will cease to function.

Try out everything... I'll be watching and calibrating its servos based upon your test run.

Defeating Negatron

While this is a three man group quest, it can be soloed or two-manned. It is preferable to have a healer or be a healing class as it is hard to get bandages to get past more than a few ticks. Melee classes can DPS Negatron to help the fight go faster.

Negatron will automatically aggro on you once he becomes fightable so you'll want to attack with the Scrap Reaver X6000 and use the Reaver's ability that does 3000-5000 damage and produces ~4500 threat. If you are a healer or you have one in your group, it is imperative to keep the Reaver's threat up. Each of the Reaver's abilities have a 10 second cooldown on them.

Every 20-25 seconds Negatron will do an Earthquake. Earthquake does ~550 damage per second to everyone in melee range. To stop this, use the Scrap Reaver X6000's "Slam" ability to stun him for 2 seconds and stop the earthquake damage. Your own stuns will not affect him. Close to the end of the fight, Negatron will enrage, upping damage done to the Reaver.

Make sure to keep the Scrap Reaver X6000 healed up and give it some buffs. This fight shouldn't be too hard once you have the rotation down of doing 3000-5000 damage/4500 threat, stunning during earthquake, and attacking. Druids should have little to no problems soloing this quest.

Quest progression


The quest name is a reference to Isaac Asimov's "I, Robot" short story.

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