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Talk to Grundy MacGraff to begin the wedding ceremony. Kill any Twilight's Hammer that try to stop it!

  • Nuptials Completed

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We are ready to begin, <name>!

But I have it on good authority that the Twilight's Hammer may try to disrupt the ceremony, so as to demoralize and destroy the Wildhammer. Things could get dangerous!

For this reason, I will be performing the ceremony myself, so that I can keep the bride and groom close to me. Sound like a plan? Good!

Since her father is dead and her brother the best man, Fanny has asked that you walk her down the aisle. What an honor! Talk to me when you're ready to begin.


We did it, <name>! Fighting that ... thing side-by-side really brought all the Wildhammers together. The heads of the families are more united than I've ever seen them. Drink up, <name>, and celebrate!!

Of course, our work is only beginning. I'll rally our new Wildhammer reinforcements with the rest of the Alliance and prepare to storm the Twilight Bastion.

I'm sure we'll meet again soon.

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You will receive:

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A small scene takes place with Kurdran Wildhammer and Keegan Firebeard just prior to the wedding, after Russell begins singing and guests take their seats:

Kudran Wildhammer says: A big day, Firebeard. The Wildhammer united can never be stopped!
Keegan Firebeard says: I hope you're right, Kurdran old friend.
Kurdran Wildhammer says: Never doubt it. Here, allow me to give you my wedding gift.
Kurdran Wildhammer says: The only surviving egg of my late gryphon, Sky'ree. Honor it and care for it; her child is yours.
Keegan Firebeard says: Kurdran - no, I couldn't! Sky'ree was a legend, I can't -
Kurdran Wildhammer says: I'll not hear a word of it. The egg is yours. I want you to see how committed I am to this union.
Kurdran Wildhammer says: And how committed the Alliance is to the Wildhammer cause!
Keegan Firebeard says: Aye. Thank you, Kurdran.
Kurdran Wildhammer says: Ah, look. Here comes <name>, escorting your bride!

The player escorts Fanny down the aisle, depositing her in front of Keegan, who has assumed the groom's place. Grundy begins the ceremony.

Grundy MacGraff says: Ladies and gentledwarves, we gather here in the shadow of Thunderstrike to honor the union of Fanny Thundermar and Keegan Firebeard.
Grundy MacGraff says: May their bond be as eternal as the wind, waves, stone and fire.
Grundy MacGraff says: Do you, Keegan and Fanny, accept one another into your lives, that two become as one, in union everlasting?
Fanny Thundermar says: I do.
Keegan Firebeard says: I do.
Grundy MacGraff says: Then, by the powers vested in me... the powers vested in me...

Something is obviously wrong with Grundy. His eyes begin to glow, and suddenly transforms into a faceless one!

Grundy MacGraff says: ...BY BLOOD AND SHADOW!
Grundy MacGraff says: I shall consume your lifeblood in the name of the master!!
Donnelly Dunwald says: Waaaaahhhhh!!
Keely Dunwald says: Get it! Kill it!
Cliff Thundermar says: Stop that thing!
Iain Firebeard says: It's one of them!
Russell Brower begins to play a wedding hymn! Stand near him to receive its regenerative effects!

Now players have full control of their actions and can attack The Beast Unleashed.

The Beast Unleashed yells: Uulwi gag erh'ongg w'ssh.
Russell Brower yells: For the Wildhammer!

Upon the death of The Beast Unleashed:

Eoin Dunwald says: BEST! WEDDING! EVAR! *Hic*
Colin Thundermar says: Tha's the way we Wildhammer... get hitched, it was. *hic* That were BEAUTIFUL!
Keely Dunwald says: Wiiiiildhammmmmer!
Eoin Dunwald says: Wildhammer stay ta'gether wot slay ta'gether!
Colin Thundermar says: I love yoooouuu man... *hic* like a BROTHER!
Keely Dunwald says: Twilight's Hammer don't scare me none. Bring 'em on!
Colin Thundermar says: You're okay, Firebeard. *urp* You're okay by me.
Colin Thundermar says: *hic* You 'an me, Firebeard. Wildhammers FOREVER.

Colin Thundermar is obviously very drunk.


  • Russell begins singing and playing.
  • The guests take their seats.
  • Kurdran and Keegan talk before the ceremony begins.
  • The wedding begins.
  • The Beast Unleashed reveals itself and strikes!


  • Be sure to return to Russell Brower's location in order to receive healing if you get too low in health.
  • After the fight is finished, Kirthaven will remain in the "after-wedding" phase until you leave and return.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [84] The Kirthaven Summit
  2. Alliance 15 [84] The Bachelor
  3. Alliance 15 [84] Rescue at Glopgut's Hollow
  4. Alliance 15 [84] Find Fanny / Alliance 15 [84] Ogre Bashin'
  5. Alliance 15 [84] The Bachelorette
  6. Alliance 15 [84] Something Bold / Alliance 15 [84] Something Stewed / Alliance 15 [84] Something Brewed / Alliance 15 [84] Something Stolen
  7. Alliance 15 [84] Words and Music By... (optional)
  8. Alliance 15 [84] Wild, Wild, Wildhammer Wedding

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Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added.

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