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Verna Furlbrow wants you to deliver her recipe for Westfall Stew to Salma Saldean.

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I never thought the day would come when I'd leave the farm. But the fields are overrun with thieves and it's far too dangerous for us here now. As soon as Farmer Furlbrow gets the wagon fixed, we'll be on our way.

Maybe you could do me a favor? Let me scribble down my recipe for Westfall stew. Please take it to Salma Saldean over on the farm yonder. The Saldean's farm is just beyond the fork in the road.

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I'm going to miss that Verna Furlbrow so much. I don't suppose you happened to see her on your way here?

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That Verna was always such a sweet lass. We'll miss her here in Westfall but between you and me, she's a city girl at heart and Stormwind will suit her just fine. But enough gossip! Now we can make Westfall Stew!

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