Weaken the Ramparts (Horde) becomes available once the player completes a series of quests beginning with Through the Dark Portal (Horde) available from Warlord Dar'toon in the Blasted Lands. The progression is:

The first three quests are not necessary to complete. You can start with Report to Nazgrel and take it from there. Once these quests have been completed Weaken the Ramparts becomes available from Stone Guard Stok'ton.

Objectives Edit

Slay Watchkeeper Gargolmar, Omor the Unscarred and the drake, Nazan. Return [Gargolmar's Hand], [Omor's Hoof] and [Nazan's Head] to Caza'rez at Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula.

Details Edit

This quest involves entering Hellfire Ramparts, part of the Hellfire Citadel instance. The entrance can be found at the center of the map, along the middle section of wall. A Meeting Stone is nearby.

Once inside the group must slay each of the Fel Orc leaders. The following contain tips and strategies for defeating each:

Description Edit

Quick, there isn't much time. Thrallmar's existence balances on the razor's edge!

We're caught between Hellfire Citadel in the west and the Burning Legion to the east. With the Legion's attention turned toward the Dark Portal we must take this opportunity to strike at the fel orcs of Hellfire Citadel. The key to this is to first break through their ramparts!

Go there, slay their leaders, and then bring back proof to Caza'rez across the room from me!

Reward Edit

You will be allowed to choose one of the following
Inv gauntlets 10
Inv shoulder 02
Inv shoulder 14
Inv boots cloth 05

Progress Edit

<name>, right? Stok'ton told me to be expecting your report.

I trust that you bring good news?

Completion Edit

It's a good start. With those three dead their forces should be in disarray. And with their artillery up there silenced we'll have an easier time getting close enough to take the citadel!

But there's more to this than meets the eye - I can feel it - so I'm going to have something else for you to do.

For the time being, though, you've done well. Take your pick of any of these from the Thrallmar armory.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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