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Listen to Princess Talanji.


My father believes he is indulging me. He has ruled for two hundred years, many lifetimes of trolls. In his mind, de threats dat face our kingdom are minor.

I have seen too much to believe dat.

So since my father and his advisors would not help, I turned to someone who would.

Your warchief needs our fleet, and I need her champions. So here is what we need to do.


Make your choice when you are ready.


You will receive:


  1. H [110] Hour of Reckoning
  2. H [110] The Battle for Lordaeron
  3. B [110] A Dying World
  4. B [110] The Heart of Azeroth
  5. B [110] Infusing the Heart
  6. H [110] The Speaker's Imperative
  7. H [110] Mission Statement
  8. H [110] The Stormwind Extraction
  9. H [110] Welcome to Zuldazar
  10. H [110] Rastakhan
  11. H [110] Speaker of the Horde
  12. H [110] To Matters at Hand
  13. H [110] We Need Each Other

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