Slay Dreadtalon and return to Captain Gort at Agmar's Hammer in the Dragonblight.

  • Dreadtalon slain
  • Suggested Players [3]


By decree of Overlord Agmar:

Target: Dreadtalon

Crime: Attacks upon the Horde

Status: Alive

Dreadtalon is wanted for numerous attacks upon Horde caravans traveling to and from Venomspite.

Dreadtalon makes his home on a bluff overlooking the Ruby Dragonshrine, east of Agmar's Hammer. He should be approached with extreme caution. Do not engage solo!

All bounties are paid out by Captain Gort at Agmar's Hammer.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc questionmark
Inv misc questionmark
Inv misc questionmark
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You will also receive: 11Gold 20Silver


Come to collect on a bounty?


About time someone put a stop to that filthy beast's killing spree! A job well done, <name>.


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