Wait for Keeper Remulos at the Moonglade to cleanse the [Nightmare Engulfed Object].

  • Waking Legends.


After talking to Keeper Remulos, Malfurion Stormrage will appear in Lake Elune'ara. Malfurion looks around briefly and says, "Remulos, old friend. It is good to see you once more. I knew that the message would find its way to you - one way or another."


The waters of Lake Elune'ara should dissolve the nightmares engulfing this object. Give me a moment to perform the cleansing, <name>.



Take his ring, <name>. It has served its purpose for Malfurion. It shall now serve a new purpose for you...


This is a simple walk to the Lake, and listen to chat. If you don't follow Keeper Remulos to the lake, the quest fails (just abandon and retake it).

Keeper Remulos says: Come, <name>. The lake is around the bend.
Keeper Remulos walks down to the edge of Lake Elune'ara.
Keeper Remulos says: Stand near me, <name>. I will protect you should anything go wrong.
Keeper Remulos throws the item in the water. Upon reaching the water's surface, a small explosion is created. Shortly after, Malfurion Stormrage appears in a beam of light. His darkened image hovers in the air above the water.
Keeper Remulos says: Malfurion!
Malfurion Stormrage says: Remulos, old friend. It is good to see you once more. I knew the message would find its way to you – one way or another.
Keeper Remulos says: It was shrouded in nightmares, Malfurion. What is happening in the Dream? What could cause such atrocities?
Malfurion Stormrage says: I fear for the worst, old friend. Within the Dream we fight a new foe, born of an ancient evil. Ysera's noble brood has fallen victim to the old whisperings. It seems as if the Nightmare has broken through the realm to find a new host on Azeroth.
Keeper Remulos says: I sensed as much, Malfurion. Dark days loom ahead.
Malfurion Stormrage says: Aye Remulos, prepare the mortal races.
Keeper Remulos says: You have been gone too long, Malfurion. Peace between the Children of Azeroth has become tenuous at best. What of my father? Of your brother? Have you any news?
Malfurion Stormrage says: Cenarius fights at my side. Illidan sits atop his throne in Outland – brooding. I'm afraid that the loss to Arthas proved to be his breaking point. Madness has embraced him, Remulos. He replays the events in his mind a thousand times per day, but in his mind, he is the victor and Arthas is utterly defeated. He is too far gone, old friend. I fear that the time may soon come that our bond is tested and it will not be as it was at the Well in Zin-Azshari.
Malfurion Stormrage says: Remulos, I am being drawn back... Tyrande... send her my love... Tell her I am safe... Tell her... Tell her I will return... Farewell...
Keeper Remulos says: Farewell, old friend... Farewell...
Keeper Remulos says: Let us return to the grove, mortal.
The image of Malfurion disappears, and Keeper Remulos walks back up to his usual location.

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