Kill Goreclaw the Ravenous and report to Drazzit Dripvalve at Mudsprocket.


Travelers and Steamwheedle personnel working in the field are advised to avoid the Bloodfen Burrow to the west of town.

The area is overrun with raptors lead by the cruel and cunning Goreclaw the Ravenous, who has already killed two Steamwheedle engineers.

Drazzit Dripvalve has authorized a generous reward to be paid to the individual who rids Mudsprocket of this menace.


You look pretty satisfied with yourself. Come to claim the bounty on that monstrous raptor?


Thank goodness someone's finally taken me up on that offer. I was just thinking that I might need to triple the reward to get that stupid raptor killed, and our budget couldn't afford that!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv pants 12
Inv jewelry ring 04
Inv pants plate 05

You will also receive: 45Silver.

Notes Edit

  • Goreclaw can be found near the Bloodfen Cave at about 31,65 in Dustwallow Marsh.
  • He's a level 39 non-elite.

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