Witness the continuing story of the Battlemaiden by using her broken blade at the site of the Kvaldir General's death

[29.1, 78.6]


  • Witness the Continuing Story of the Battlemaiden

Provided item:


Look, I know this is asking a lot during a time like this, but I need you to tear yourself away from this defeat for a moment.

I will tend to these soldiers - you will need to find the location of that battle with the Kvaldir General to the west that you told me about. You should be able to glimpse more of the Battlemaiden's experiences from there. I have a strong feeling that the key to defeating these naga will lie with that Battlemaiden.

Please hurry - I will do everything I can to buy you time.


I know it's a hard request to heed - a whim in a time of dire consequences. You just have to trust me. More than anything right now, we need to know why the naga are here and what they are capable of.


You've finished! Just in time. I don't think we could have held them much longer.

An artifact? Could this be something we can use against the naga? I suppose that we would require finding it.

We may have to attend to more pressing matters first, until an opportunity to pursue this further presents itself.


You will receive:

You will also be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv helmet 192.png
[Battlemaiden's Vision]
Inv gauntlets mail dungeonmail c 03.png
[Grips of the Kvaldir]
Inv brd banner.png
[Kvaldir Battle Standard]
Inv misc cape cataclysm healer c 01.png
[Ancient Beth'moran Cloak]


Swim due west through the tunnel to the site of the general's death. There's another big glowing ball there now, a second Vision of the Battlemaiden. Use the [Blade of the Naz'jar Battlemaiden] at the time focus to resume the storyline. Details are in the By Her Lady's Word article, the quest offered by Lady Naz'jar.

On the conclusion of The Culmination of Our Efforts:

Wavespeaker Valoren/Tulra says: Thank the waves, you're back! The others have already retreated, we need to get out of here!


Quest progression

  1. N [81] Looking Forward
  2. N [81] Clear Goals / N [81] Not Entirely Unprepared / N [81] Properly Inspired
  3. N [81] Swift Action
  4. N [81] Gauging Success / N [81] Fallen But Not Forgotten
  5. N [81] Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge
    1. N [81] By Her Lady's Word
    2. N [81] Stolen Property
    3. N [81] Chosen Burden
    4. N [81] The Culmination of Our Efforts

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