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Bring Faranell's Parcel to Master Apothecary Faranell in the Undercity.

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The venom you gathered from the Witherbark's spider god is quite a find! I've been able to kill nearly two dozen rabbits with just a drop of the stuff. Granted, some of those rabbits were very young and small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand so I'm certain their resistance to toxins was low, but it can't be denied that this poison is powerful!

I'd like a sample sent to my superior, Apothecary Faranell in the Apothecarium of the Undercity. I am positive he would want to test this himself.

Details Edit

Apothecary Lydon provides Inv letter 16 [Faranell's Parcel] upon accepting Horde 15 [55] Venom to the Undercity. Master Apothecary Faranell is located in The Apothecarium, Undercity.

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv chest cloth 17
Inv chest plate16
Inv shield 02

You will also receive: 2Gold 50Silver

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