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Find and search Tyranis and Dalinda Malem's wagon in Desolace.

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I am Vahlarriel, <Name>. I've come here to discover the whereabouts of two missing nobles of a Darnassian merchant family--House Malem. The father of the house fears the worst, and I am to do everything I can to find his missing children. I have yet to start my search for Tyranis or Dalinda, but I am hopeful I shall not be here long.

Last word tells of them passing through the Stonetalon Mountains a few weeks ago.

If you find their wagon, please, come find me immediately.

Completion Edit

As you rummage around the remains of the wagon, it becomes obvious that it was attacked by both spells and weapons. The battle seemed one-sided and quick; there's no blood to be found, and no remains of any bodies.

Whoever attacked the wagon was efficient and swift.

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Details Edit

The charred remains of the wagon are at [57, 18]
. The chest is in among the


Quest ProgressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [33] Vahlarriel's Search
  2. Alliance 15 [33] Vahlarriel's Search (2)
  3. Alliance 15 [33] Vahlarriel's Search (3)
  4. Alliance 15 [33] Search for Tyranis
  5. Alliance 15 [33] Return to Vahlarriel

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